Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weigh In and Weigh to Go!

Down 1.8!  Yeah!  That's down .4 more than the gain I posted last week, so I am solidly moving in the right direction.

I continue to post my losses, but don't know if I have posted my actual weight.  Its 173.4 as of today.  I started at 216.  I ought to put a chart over to the side but then I have to maintain it and I am lazy.  That's part of how I got so porky!

If I am going hit the high side of my goal weights, I need to lose 23 lbs.  I am having a very hard time imagining being that small.  The low side of the range is 137!  Impossible?!  Maybe not, but it sure seems so right now.  They tell us to visualize meeting our goals, but that is one illusive vision, I tell you what! 

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