Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weigh In and Getting Closer

Yippee, down 1.8 lbs today!  I am really psyched about this weight loss and pray I can maintain this level of enthusiasm until I hit my goal.  Then I will pray to maintain it.  I see lots of prayers in my future!  I did pretty good this week with what I ate, both in portion and POINTS.  Except for the taco salads (without tortilla shell, thank you very much!) in which I ate incredible amounts of lettuce to the point of feeling over stuffed!  But everything else on the salad was either low fat (cheese), small portion (ground beef) or no points at all (salsa).  And the scale rewarded me.  I love that scale today!!

When I typed "Getting Closer" I realized it had a couple of meanings to me this week.  Yesterday I was contacted by my fathers only sibling, an aunt I have been estranged from for some time.  She wants to kiss and make up (get closer!).  I am not so sure that I'm ready to make nice.  She is high maintenance and I do not have the time nor patience anymore for that kind of nonsense.  I will meet her halfway.  See what comes of it.  I can always back away if things get hard to swallow again.  Geez, family!!

And then this morning, when I stopped to get coffee at Circle K, the man standing next to me at the coffee machine said "YOU SMELL INCREDIBLE! WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" (emphasis his!).  I was floored.  I told him what my perfume was and he asked me a bunch of questions about it e.g., is it expensive, who makes it.  I was flattered and a wee bit embarrassed.  Maybe that was a little too much Getting Closer!

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