Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wow, Good Dinner!

Well, we haven't had meatloaf in awhile and we both love it.  It goes a long way during the week for sandwiches and we just really like it alot.  I make a simple loaf with bread crumbs, eggs and Pace Picante Sauce.  Don't have to chop alot of stuff to get the same flavors.  See, told you I was lazy!

So tonight I made meatloaf, obviously, with 96% lean ground beef, so skinny meat loaf.  And squash. 

And Potatoes Anna.  My God, what an amazing dish!  Now, I just happened upon this in some of my internet travels and was interested but not about to invest in any food dish that called for a stick of butter!  However, I found Cooking Light's version and I was sunk.  Just to die for.   Plan ahead to burn a few POINTs, but this is totally worth it.    

Isn't that beautiful?!

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