Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Day Meetings!

I hate all day meetings where you are a captive audience, sorta forced to eat what's catered in.  I am weak in these situations and they never  provide really good options when you are watching your weight.

Case in point, today!!  The breakfast offering was fruit (GREAT!) and sweet rolls (you're kidding, right?).  None of us need sweet rolls for breakfast.  It lame and inexcusable.  Order some protein folks!!  Even if its bacon its better than sweet rolls.  But eating half a watermelon wasn't an option either, so I did eat a sweet roll.  And a large one of course, because I have no self control!!

Then there was lunch!  There was salad; green (good) potato (not so good), two high fat dressings (bad) cold cuts, cheese, bread, and mayo and mustard.  A huge bowl of potato chips (my weakness!).  So I had a turkey and swiss sandwich on whole wheat with little bit of mayo, some green salad with a little Italian dressing,  and enough potato chips to choke a horse!! Again, the lack of self discipline.

And the 2:30 snack, cookies and cream cheese stuffed things that were rich and gooey and I ate 2 of them. 

And I wonder why I am having so many problems getting off this plateau?  Yeah, right!! 

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  1. Ugh! You were in such a bad position, who could blame you for caving in just a bit? Today's a new day, though, you'll get right back on track. :)