Friday, July 2, 2010

New Babies in the House

Starting tomorrow I will be fostering 5 kittens! I don't know if I have spoken of it before, but I love animals of all shapes and sizes and there are so many kittens that need homes and only so many pairs of hands to care for them, get their medical care, get them spayed and neuter, etc.  Sooo, I decided to take in a few of the little varmints.

This will be just hunky dory with my male pug who thinks cats were invented for him to play with.  My female will be a bitch, literally and figuratively, but she won't hurt them. 

The intent is to care for them until the sponsoring organization finds a home for them.  They will also cover medical costs.  I can afford to feed them and probably a dozen more so that's not a problem.  I also intend to keep two of them. 

My long suffering hubby, with deep sighs and crazy eye rolls, said I could.  After all these years, he knows its fruitless to say no.  And he knows I just make a pretense of asking him so he knows I love him even if I don't really need his permission.  I will post pics of the babies when I can.

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