Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to NOT Screw Up the Plan

Ok, so we went out to eat tonight to a burger/steak/rib joint up the street.  Usually pretty good and good for lots of stuff  I have no business putting in my face under any circumstances.  

So we get there and order, him a burger and me the chicken fajitas.  And, as they were listed as an appetizer, an order of onion rings.  After bringing us our drinks, our waitress show up with this huge platter of onion rings.  They were a meal in themselves.  WTF? I was thinking 6 rings, not 26!!

Dinner took forever, was not warm when we got it, my fajitas were accompanied by a bowl that looked like the refried bean fairie had taken a serious dump in it.  Needless to say, I was less than impressed by our meal.

However, I didn't eat much of anything (except the uber marvelous onion rings {go figure}).  Probably still under points for the day.

Skinny Cow...let's talk.

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