Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weigh in and Yippee (Sorta)

Today's weigh in saw me officially achieve a 35 lb weight loss!  Wow, should have been ecstatic about that but I wasn't.  I barely squeaked into it by -.4 and kinda of feel like a fraud.  I have been struggling so hard with this the last few weeks and it was just sorta anticlimatic I guess.  I have been super emotional all morning, including weepy sniffles in the meeting, God Forbid.

Weepy sniffles is my classic reaction to anger, frustration, disappointment, any number of different emotions that most people react totally different to.  I cry.  I think I missed a life lesson somewhere along the way (I was probably in the buffet line!) that taught you how to properly deal with emotions other than stuffing them or stuffing me.  Either option is detrimental to me.  One makes me emotionally fragile, the other expands my waistline.

Today's meeting topic was Plateaus and could not have been more relevant to where I am and what has been going on in my life.  I learned to not be so hard on myself (I think) and to not let the scale be my sole metric on this journey.  So I came home and measured myself.  I have lost a total of 18.5 inches over the span of my membership with WW.  That is not a bad thing at all.  And I am justifiably proud. 

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