Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weigh in and Squeeking By

Ok, despite the food orgy on Thursday, I managed to not gain (or lose) an ounce.  I am thrilled!!  I should have posted a gain and somehow managed to miss it.  It seems to work that way sometimes.  I will not look this particular gift horse in the mouth, but have learned a valuable lesson.  I will pack lunches to these things.  People can think what they will. 

I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for DC for a few days.  I am looking forward to the trip.  All of it except the eating challenges.  I will probably eat alot of fish stuff and, once again, I will be subject to what the people who set up the conference consider food.  I will probably eat in the dining room because I doubt there will be any protein offered for breakfast and I absolutely will not eat sweet rolls to start the day.   Lunch will probably at least offer a salad, we will see.  Evening meals will be taken in some restaurant or another.  I am looking a menus for places close to the hotel (we will be on foot or using the metro).  If I can maintain next weigh in also I will consider it a victory.

For the flight and for in room snacking, I am taking jerky, pistachios and Quacker True Delight Snacks.  I love these True Delight treats.  They are 2 points per serving and are actually healthy and delicious.  A winning combination in my book.  If you haven't already, give these a try.  I think you will really like them. Note: only the granola bars I have shown here are 2 points, the others are higher I believe. 


  1. good job on packing healthy snacks for traveling! :)

  2. Congratulations! Sometimes maintaining is a wonderful thing!