Friday, December 31, 2010


I went to a meeting today because my normal meeting tomorrow morning will not happen because of the holiday.  The meeting lesson was about goals and, wouldn't you know it, my last post was about my goal to join a gym this year. 

That was a pretty nebulous goal!  So here it is...

Monday, I will go to the new gym up the street and sign up.  That way, I will have the availability of this gym until the gym at work opens up and I won't have the excuse of "Hey, the gym is still under construction", which is pretty dang convenient if you ask me!

After speaking with the gym crew, I will determine what I plan to do with this gym membership, how much, how often, (is a psychiatrist included?), things of that nature.  I will "end" this venture, because I am being told to set an end date, on the 98th day, which will be my birthday.   If I have turned some corner and am loving it, then we re-set, if not, I will find some other activity that will let me burn off more calories than I am consuming thereby completing this dietary circle I am being told is necessary to get rid of this poundage. 

So, in review, using the Winning Outcomes strategy, I say:

1.  I want to start including more activity in my weight loss plan.
2.  I will join the new neighborhood gym and explore the possibilities with the trainers and develop a
     workout schedule.
3. I can do this by myself and won't depend on anyone to help me accomplish this.
4. This is a good fit for my life.  I have time, I have the funds, I have the God given ability. 
    I just need to get motivated.

Ok, so that 3rd bullet there, here's where ya'll come in.  I will post my activity schedule as soon as its developed.  And then I will confirm that I worked out accordingly or not!!  And you are expected to daintily applaud (nice little golf claps will work) or boo me as is necessary (or bean me with a golf club).

Goal Set!!

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