Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weigh In and Firsts!

Well, though today was officially my first day on plan, I actually started counting PointsPlus on Monday! I was down 2.2 lbs!! Very rewarding!  So first weigh in on the new plan and its very, very positive. 

I have to really think this free fruit thing through and really limit myself because I love fruit and I will replace veggies with it.  Don't do that folks!  Follow the Guidelines.  Eat the things you are supposed to eat and the weight will fall away.  See, I am really good at telling others how to behave!

Tonight there were some other first in our dinner.  The menu had a couple of first on it.  A turkey tenderloin with a tarragon mushroom gravy that was exquisite with mock mashed potatoes (Thanks, Gina by way of TJ)and orange glazed carrots.  I made and ate this absolutely incredible dinner for a total of 10 points!  I have points left over for the day!  I will make this again soon and share with you both photos and recipes.  I am sorry I didn't tonite, but new recipes take 100% of my concentration (I damn near amputated the tip of my little finger!) and taking pictures is distracting.

I am content!  I like the new plan!

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