Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today it's likely to snow here!  In Tucson!  Weird, but a perfect excuse to make a big pot of pinto beans and pork chops.  The smell is incredibly homey and earthy and carries so many wonderful memories of family gatherings where many mouths could be satisfied with a pot of beans.  My dad used salt pork to both add salt and fat to the beans.  I don't like salt pork and because I watch the amount of salt and fat that goes into my food, and because my husband insists that "beans are not a meal and need some meat" I usually add a couple of lean boneless pork chops or country style ribs to the beans while they are cooking.  Of course the beans are also spiced to the max!

I will also cook up some skillet corn bread because you have to when you make beans.  Thems the rules! 

Notice I haven't posted any pictures lately?  It cause I hate the new camera.  I am trying to figure out some creative way to break it or lose it so I can get a new one without hubby being any the wiser.  Why I think I have to do this is beyond me because he could care less.  But I (think) I have to justify this somehow or another.  Go figure!

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