Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hmm...A Dilemma!

This coming year, I want to start working out in a gym.  So here is my dilemma.

We have a gym at work and the company is revamping it as we speak.  Its due to open in March (I think?) and will be state of the art with an indoor track and all modern equipment with room for Zumba and Aerobic Dancing and pretty much anything one could ask for.   And its free for me!  Negative side, its at work and the only time I would be able to use it would be after work.  There may be some early morning hours but I am not going to go in and get my sweat on and then try to freshen up for the job. 

In addition to this, a private company is opening a new gym right up the street from me!  $15 a month with no long term commitment!  And they are open nights and weekends and I could walk there from here.  And I don't have to get my sweat on with the cute engineer from the cubicle around the corner from mine!  I can come home and shower afterwards (not a public shower kinda gal!). 

So, what would you do?  If the cost is not the issue to you (which it isn't really to me), which would you choose?  Decisions, decisions?!

1 comment:

  1. I would choose ... both. Try the place close to home for a couple of months. Maybe you'll hate the layout and the machines and then you can switch to the work gym exclusively when it opens. Or maybe you'll love both. If cost isn't a factor then I've found it's nice to have the option to go to the gym on the weekend outside of work.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!