Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now She's Cooking!

So I have had this butternut squash sitting around here for what seems like forever (are these things indestructible?) and decided I wanted some soup today.  This morning I got up early and halved the squash, sprayed it with some olive oil and popped it in a hot oven for about 45 minutes.  While it was cooling off, I sweated some onions in about a tablespoon of olive oil and  little bit of turbinado sugar, wanting to caramelize them.   Of course, I have the patience of a gnat, so we got them sweated down and called it good.  I poured in a box of chicken broth (low sodium, fat free) about 4 cups and then added my now cooled and peeled squash. I used my immersion blender to smooth it out nicely and then I headed for the spice cabinet. 

I will tell you something.  Once you discover how spices work with food, and I ain't talking just salt and pepper, you get really adventurous!! So into my soup went a couple of Bay Leaves, some Chinese Five Spice, some Red Chile, Sage, Celery Salt, I dont' know but I think that's all.  And then I simmered it and while it simmered I baked some bacon!  And tasted and tasted and tasted my soup until I gave up and made myself a bowl! With some crumbled bacon in it.  Incredibly good stuff!!  And 2 P+ Points for 2 cups, not including the bacon!

Then I went to the grocery store and bought 2 more butternut squash so I can do it all over again!!  Amen!

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