Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weigh In and Its All Good

Well, I was up 2.2, exactly the same amount I was down last week?!  Its all good though.  There are adjustments to be made and I am finding them and making them.  Also, this time of year, if I only gain 2 lbs I should be given some kind of reward for constraint. 

I am actually liking the new Plan and find I am not hungry.  Actually, I probably wasn't hungry before, but my mouth had my stomach convinced that we were going to starve to death unless I ate something precisely at 9 am.  Now I have my apple sitting there, big ol' Honeycrisp beauty, and most of the time, I don't really want it. 

I need to make sure I am following my Good Health Guidelines and getting all of those needs met first.  This takes a great deal of planning on my part.  I am a little more spontaneous than this but if I am going to make it work, I will have knuckle down and do it. 

I made Mushroom Soup from scratch yesterday.  Its really good and I can use it in lots of recipes.  I did not make CREAM of Mushroom Soup.  If a recipe calls for that,  I can work around it with FF Milk and/or Light Sour Cream.  But the soup is great all by itself too.

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