Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Anniversary and The Plan!

32 years ago today I said I DO!  Wow, been a while! So we are going to go out to dinner and I already have it all planned out. 

After expressing some initial concerns over the changes to the Program, I have to say, I think I am going to like it!  I have sat down and reconfigured a great deal of my Points to fit the Plan and while I was a little concerned about losing out on alot of my carb favorites, in retrospect, I don't really eat enough of them to make a really difference anyway! 

Here's what I have had and plan to have for the day:

1 egg
2 slices crisp bacon
1 Thomas's Light Bagel
8 Points

1 bowl of Quiznos Chile
about 1/4 baked chicken breast
1 1/2 cups FF Milk
11 Points

For Dinner I plan to have:
Shrimp Cocktail
Salad with popcorn Shrimp (my 1 Point Trader Joe's dressing)

1 lb Steamed Lobster in shell (about 3-4 oz shelled)
6 points

I have also eaten a banana, a cup of watermelon and an orange. I have an apple if I want something else.  I don't think I will!

That leaves me with 4 dailies and 42 weeklies to burn!  I will have a drink with dinner!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! :) I'm loving the new plan so far! :) Glad to hear you are too! :) whoohooo!