Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Foods Old Routines

Doing pretty good so far this week.  Broke down and had Chinese for dinner on Saturday and, of course, leftovers for Sunday.  But on Sunday, I also cooked a Cauliflower Soup and made a yummy salad that I found from Hungry Girl, Sweet and Chunky Chicken Salad (low fat Chicken Waldorf) that's to die for!! 
Tonite, I am thinking about Hungry Girl Chicken Pot Pies.  I think I love this woman. 

Like a sister, OK?!  And I have a lesbian sister, so that's ok, too.

Right now I am so full I can hardly breathe.  I need to stop doing that.  So today, at 10:30 am, I decided I was ready for lunch.  I did eat because I was hungry, and it was good and it filled me up.  But my mouth wasn't satisfied so off to the cafeteria we went to see what was available that wasn't going to ruin the whole week for me.  They had roasted butternut squash with some brown suger.  I got some of that and figure it was worth a few points.  It was sure good and took care of what my mouth wanted.  However, because I was already full, now I am too full.  Not Good!!  Mine points are used up (ok, I saved one for a Tootsie Pop I didn't eat!) and thats good, I didn't go over, but I need to eat to live not live to eat and I can't seem to find the place where that concept really lives in my head.  Probably packed up and moved out when the neighborhood got so crowded with fat cells!!

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  1. I need to get more tootsie pops! Those are good go to sweet snacks! I've been craving pot pie- and last weeks WW handout had a recipe in it. I gotta make that soon! :)