Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Wonderful World of Chili!!

Ok, so I am like a chili whore.  I love chili, not just any chili, but my chili, which any purist would tell you is Crap!!  And that's Crap with a capitol C!  Its the same chili my mom made when we were kids and it's basically ground beef and canned stuff but it smells and tastes amazing and is uber fattening if you make it the way she did.   

My problem is the ground beef.  I don't like to use a regular ground beef (too mushy) and I can't find a chili grind that is less than 80/20 fat percentage.  Yuck, fatty!!  I have a wonderful kitchen center thingy that the hubby bought me many moons ago.  This was back when he was still of the mindframe that buying his wife vacuum cleaners for her birthday and assorted small appliances for Christmas was a good thing.   He has since learned.  But I do love it, so its all good.  Anyway, it has a grinder attachment!!  You can even get a sausage maker attachment for the darned thing!! So I bought some nice top sirloin meat the other day and went to drag out my Oster thingy and damned if I could find all the parts.  And this thing is really, really old. 

EBay to the rescue!!  I order a new grinder attachment and today I triple wrapped the sirloin and placed it in the freezer to await the arrival of said grinder attachment.  Except, the dang thing came in mail today!!  Wow, talk about service!!  So, ground me some sirloin, had enough to freeze half and there is the most amazing smell emanating from my kitchen at the moment.  I can die happy now.


  1. ok seriously....chili fanatic here!! My family used to hold a "chili cookout" where my mother & I were the champions every year. Eventually my family just stopped having them because they already knew who the winner would be, LOL.

    You mother always said she was a virgin till she met my father...I'm thinking she may have lied ;-)