Saturday, January 16, 2010


Weigh In was disappointing.  I was down a little, but would like to see more impressive results.  Having said that, I admittedly could put more effort into it. I am not moving nearly enough.   I had committed to exercising every night for 30 minutes now that hubby is on swing shift for 3 months, but about the time I set that goal, he came down with the galloping crud and I just can't seem to get anything accomplished when he's here, especially if he is unwell. 

This weeks challenge is 10 meals of filling foods.  Hmm, there are so many things to chose from I should be able to pull this off.  I am going to make a pot of chili, which I could eat for every meal, but will need to cool it on that. 

I am realizing that I have been calculating lots of points wrong (not sure how just yet).  I have also been realizing that points and "filling foods" definitions may vary depending on the sources you check, e.g., my books vs the etools.  I guess I need to stick with one or the other because it can really screw me up!

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